UNSEEN//SEEN Fundraising Event

On Sep 30, 2018 AOKI had it’s first Fundraising Event, UNSEEN//SEEN. Working with 8 artists we gave a small taste of what AOKI dreams to do and invite people to support this endeavor of bringing AOKI to Chicago.

Special thanks to:
Jason and Blue - Videography Instagram // Website
Alexandria Kelly - Poet
Christine Turner - Fine Painter Instagram // Website
Jamie Tubbs - Textile Instagram
Josh Truman - Carpentry & Sculpture
Kamau Pendergrass - Composer Instagram//Website
Katie Wigglesworth - Instagram//Website
Paige Fraser - Dance Instagram//Foundation
Rachel Loewen & Alicia Kiewitt - Floral Design Instagram (Rachel) Instagram (Alicia)

Spirit Tea - Tea Room tea Instagram
Eliana Blancas - Culinary Instagram
Melissa Chin // Grey Remedy Ceramics - Tea Room ceramics Instagram
Danielle Tubbs // Tubby’s Taste - Dessert Instagram//Website

Enjoy images from the evening and the Guide that took the guests through the evening below.

Aiyana Taylor