for our 2019 Fundraiser!


Welcome to AOKI: Community & Collaboration"

When: October 6 // 3pm - 6pm
Where: @ Reunion Chicago @reunionchi

5 Featured Collaborating Artists
exploring "What is PEACE?"

Kamau Pendergrass - composer @kahmahooo
Amber Washington - actor & director @ambyloo21
Wyatt Waddell - musician @wyattwaddellmusic
Liz Flores - painter @lizitto
Evan Jarzynski - graphic design @evanjarzynski

Art Auction featuring 25 Chicago Artists

Paa Kwesi Yanful @kwesithethird
Anna Mielniczuk @auntiesstudio
David Heo @davheo
Amber Sugihara @ambercsugihara
Christine Turner @christineturnerstudio
Charlotte Croy Hudson @charlottecroyhudson
David Sugihara @davidsugihara
Grace Wong @surimusic
Jessica Shapiro @jshapirostudio
Kimmy Compton @gatherhandwoven
Chelsea Tinsley @chelsea_____t
Jaclyn Simpson @jaclynsimpson
Wyatt Waddell @wyattwaddellmusic
Elizabeth Vande Griend @elizabethvandegriend
Evan Jarzynski @evanjarzynski
Bam Stanton @bamstanton
Vero D. Orozco @verodorozco
Rachel Barbera @thewaywardseason
Brittany Purlee @brittanypurlee
Momoko Fritz @momokofritz
Nicole Sivek @nicsiv
Tiffany Wong @tiffanywongart
Alex Kelly @alkellypoetry
Lizzy Cohen @lizzycohen
Katie Collins @katieiskeen

Get curious.

Get interrupted.

Get ready.

AOKI curates art events that cultivate space in and for Chicago by inviting artists from across the city to collaborate, create experiences, and bring people together to broaden perspectives.